XRP Whales Acquire $570M: Time to Invest?

• XRP whales have acquired a staggering 1.1 billion XRP since February of 2023, valued at around $570 million.
• This whale accumulation has often preceded price increases for XRP, as was the case in late June when a 12% decline allowed whales to acquire 360 million XRP, worth around $170 million.
• In Q2 of 2023, XRP’s circulating market cap increased by 42.5%, reaching near its yearly high and the address activity on the XRP Ledger marked its second highest recorded levels ever.

XRP Whale Accumulation

XRP whales have acquired a staggering 1.1 billion XRP since February of 2023, valued at around $570 million according to an analysis from crypto analyst Ali using Santiment data. This strategic and active acquisition of the cryptocurrency capitalizes on moments of market decline or consolidation to fortify their holdings, as was seen in late June when whales seized the opportunity amidst a 12% decline to acquire 360 million XRP worth around $170 million.

XRP Price Surge

In March, XRP witnessed a notable surge in value reaching highs of $0.545 and continued into Q2 with its circulating market cap increasing by 42.5%. Despite this impressive rise in price during Q2, there was still a dip early May before it nearly reclaimed its yearly high achieved in late March during June.

Network Activity Surge

The network activity on the XRIP Ledger also experienced an impressive surge throughout Q2 with 523,000 addresses receiving transactions on May 28th – marking the second-highest recorded levels ever and 11 times more than the daily average observed during that quarter.

Historical Precedent

This intriguing occurrence bears resemblance to historical patterns observed in late 2020 where similar whale acquisitions were followed by surges in price for the cryptocurrency pair – suggesting that these entities possess significant influence over sentiments surrounding the market and shaping its future development through their unconventional transactions..


It remains unclear how much influence these acquisitions will have on future trends but if history is any indication then this mass accumulation could potentially lead to further rises for Ripple’s native token – providing investors with lucrative opportunities for profits while they continue to capitalize on moments of market volatility .