Patricia Crypto Exchange: Exit Scam Fears Stir Across Nigeria

• Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Patricia launched its native token, PTK, raising suspicions of a potential exit scam.
• Concerns were amplified by an earlier security breach that compromised user assets and funds.
• The lack of transparent documentation and sudden launch of the token have caused tension among users and the local crypto community.

Nigerian Crypto Exchange Patricia Launches Native Token

Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Patricia recently announced the launch of its native token, PTK—a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. According to the official release, PTK will serve as the exchange’s official trading currency while existing user assets held in Naira and BTC will be converted into this new token.

Data Breach Compromises User Assets

On May 26th, 2023, Patricia disclosed that it had fallen victim to a major security breach resulting in loss of assets and funds. While the severity of the breach remains unknown, withdrawals were temporarily suspended to facilitate restructuring and recovery efforts. Despite these measures, users continue to voice grievances claiming their funds remain inaccessible.

Suspicious Factors Point To Potential Exit Scam

The sudden launch of its native token without transparent documentation has raised skepticism among users and local crypto communities—particularly in light of the recent data breach compromising user accounts. This suspicion has been further exacerbated by reports that user funds are being forcibly converted into this newly launched stablecoin with little reassurance regarding its legitimacy.

Impact On Nigerian And African Crypto Industry

These events have created tensions within Nigeria’s growing cryptocurrency industry which has slowly attracted millions of traders, exchanges and enthusiasts in recent years. As fears around a potential exit scam intensify, there may be repercussions for not only this exchange but also for wider Nigerian and African crypto sector investments at large.


The lack of transparency surrounding both events raises serious questions about Patricia’s intentions going forward, with implications for both users‘ safety as well as wider confidence in Nigeria’s cryptocurrency sector as a whole.